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Twelve champions were chosen to compete in the Olympus Games. Eight remain.

As the stakes rise, Wren grows increasingly tangled in a web of deception and the growing rebellion. To escape the games alive, she must walk a tightrope between renegade and obedient champion. That’s nearly impossible when her biggest secret is exposed by the man she just began to trust.

The line between ally and enemy blurs. Atlas vows to rebuild the fragile bond between him and Wren, but can the damage be repaired?

The Underground is readying for a revolution. The High Priest’s malevolence reaches new heights. The gods and beasts of myth challenge them at every turn. Wren thought all she wanted was to get back home and live her simple life. When there’s a chance to change the world, can she turn her back on destiny?

***Flame and Fury is the second book in the Olympus Games duet. This is an urban fantasy romance with steam, action, humor, and heart!***

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