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Twelve gods. Twelve champions. Twelve challenges. Let the games begin!

Every two years, the gods hold the Olympus Games. A brutal competition that most champions don’t walk away from. Haunted by her mother’s death in the games, Wren Torres never wanted to be part of the bloodshed. Her very survival depends on her ability to fly under the radar. To hide her true nature as a Fury.

When fate thrusts her into the spectacle of the games, Wren discovers unlikely allies in her fellow champions. But in this world of cutthroat competition, no one can be trusted. Not even Atlas, who pokes holes in all her defenses.

Twelve challengers represent the twelve gods of Olympus. Wren might have grit and determination, but this is a world where power and money rule all. By playing the gods’ twisted game, Wren risks losing everything. If she wants to stay alive, she has to keep her Fury in check. That might be the hardest trial of all.

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